Sunday, March 30, 2014

Alot of Business From 2013

I haven't been able to login for over a year. I think my last post was from 12/12! But I am back and have a lot of catching up to do and will have new things to tell you about! I am super excited! Here is just a few things from 2013! 

No pool...No big deal! We just improvised! Elle had fun splashing and playing.

Husband took me on another date to see Justin Moore. I do believe he is my favorite!
(Husband and Justin Moore)

Cowgirl Elle. Looks to me she is practicing to be on a Most Wanted poster!

 I made a name block for my desk at school! AND it's reversible! 

Elle and Baily watching Husband clean squirrels. Too gross for me!

 My brother made these awesome boards!

This little bat was hanging on the side of a building. Diagnosis is a broken wing.

Guess who is a Girls on the Run Coach again! I am beyond excited! This was my 2nd season coaching and we are just about done with my 3rd!

I was so excited for my family to do this 5K! Baily, Kris and Elle's first 5K.

Saw these beautiful ladies on the 5K!

Elle and Daddy moving forward.

Our GOTR team wore capes so I made Elle a cape for a tribute to Granny.

I found a great picture from the photographer
of Elle getting her medal at the finish line.

 Elle's first coonhunting adventure! She was so excited and got to carry her very own flashlight!

Got to meet John Force this past summer. 

  Just a couple of my project signs for the yard. Contrary to popular belief, the wicked witch sign is only for Halloween. 

Amazing what you can make a wreath out of. Pizza box, yarn and plastic spider rings and little fishing line.

 Uncle Sylas Baily.
Kris as an old man.
Lol. Not too far off from reality.

Elle is practicing to be a bag lady.

Elle is
to be a
bag lady.

 Elle's patiently awaiting a ride in the combine with Justin.


I ran in to a wonderful music and band teacher at the play A Christmas Story.

Christmas 2013.

Elle posing in her Christmas dress. 

Santa sitting on Elle's lap telling her what he would like for Christmas.


 Winter 2013/2014

 Baily enjoying his snow ice cream.

Husband telling me not to take pictures of him eating snow ice cream.

 Elle is much enjoying hers. 

This is a little better pic. Thanks Husband!

I will take snow ice cream over real ice cream anytime! We made a few colors this year. Pink, Red, Blue and of course YELLOW! 

Elle likes to go to the doctor. She always has to try out the bed and all chairs in the room!

the snow!

 This is just a few pics from 2013 (and the winter of 2013/2014).