The Hubby!

I am all about some cheap and easy projects and so is my husband. He buys me craft supplies and books so i stay our of his hair and he can watch all his crazy survival with Bear Grills! sp. BORING!! before he was always on some hunting and dog forums. Well he still does those, but now we have added to the list. Kris has a toyota truck, but before he could buy that he had to check out the forums on toyotas. Now Kris is onto the Jeep forums. So now he wants a Jeep. (I really just think he buys something if there are cool forums to go along with them)

Now let me tell you, When Kris and I started dating he had a Chevy truck and was die hard Chevy. In fact when I mentioned that I wanted to trade my car off for a Ford, I was told I could not park it at his house. I would have to park it at the little restaraunt at the end of the block and walk down here.

This is the Chevy Kris had. This truck had been backed into by a Ford so my hubby has the brilliant idea to write on the side of the truck that the dent was put there by a "jealous Ford". Its a bit dirty in these picture because we were having so much fun at Mudfest in Ramsey, IL.

Now that truck is gone and he has moved on to a Toyota.

Now now. recently he has decided that he needs the doors off of the truck. (I'm pretty sure he is pretending its a Jeep when he drives around with no doors.) lol

I'm sorry I am rambling from one subject to another. This is what happens when I find a wonderful audience like your selves to listen/read my craziness. I guess when this truck is gone I will have to post pics of a Jeep on here for you.