Friday, June 29, 2012

Justin Moore Concert

Recently my husband and I got to go to a Justin Moore concert. Big thank you too my parents for watching our kiddos! It was a great concert. I heard songs from him that I had never heard before and a couple of them became my new favorites. (My husband bought the CD a long time ago but it was in his truck so I never got to hear it.)

This first song is awesome! I can't get it out of my head.

"If You Don't Like My Twang"
Don't you dare throw that beer can,
Stand in the back and cover your ears
Go sit in your car, till the show is over
If you don't like what you hear
Brother maybe you're in the wrong place,
If you don't like a rowdy crowd
We're about to get drunk, and go country on ya
Yeah, it's gonna get loud

No I don't care if you don't like my twang
'Cause I know they love it in small town USA
It's the way I live, it's the way I talk
Hell yeah, it's the way I sing
So I don't care if you don't like my twang

I've been singin' and playin' this guitar
Since I was twelve years old
It took me from a porch, to the Opry, to the radio,
To a whole lot of records sold
Well we must be doin' somethin' right,
Cause we packed it out again
So don't let the door hit you in the ass,
And you can tell all your friends

No I don't care if you don't like my twang
'Cause I know they love it in small town USA
It's the way I live, it's the way I talk
Hell yeah, it's the way I sing
So I don't care if you don't like my twang

I don't care if you don't like my twang
'Cause I know they love it down in small town USA
It's the way I live, it's the way I talk
Hell yeah, it's the way I sing
So I don't care if you don't like my twang
Said no, I don't care if you don't like my twang 
The next one "Guns" is how I think things should be. Let a few of the old timers help run this country. Obviously the "new way of thinking" is not doing this country any good.

I started out with a .410, then moved to a .20 gauge.
Every squirrel and rabbit in Dallas county knew my name.
I sat on the stand with PawPaw from the time I was three years old.
When I was eight I used a muzzle loader to kill my first doe.
These days I go down to Wal-Mart and they set 'em in the back.
Some people wanna take 'em away, why don't you go bust them boys that sellin' crack.

Guns, whether Remingtons and Glocks.
Come on man it ain't like I'm a slingin' 'em on the block.
I'm gunna tell you once and listen son.
As long as I'm alive and breathing,
You wont take my guns.

If there ever was a time we need 'em,
I'd say it be today.
When we're letting them terrorists watch cable TV and walk out of Guantanamo Bay.
I just try to do the right thing and raise my family in this land.
Treating me like you want to be treated and that's what I call a man.
If we don't have 'em, what do we do. Tell me where we gunna go.
Somebody breaks into my house, I'm gunna need my Colt .44.

Guns, whether Remingtons and Glocks.
Come on man it, ain't like I'm a slingin' 'em on the block.
I'm gunna tell you once and listen son.
As long as I'm alive and breathing,
You wont take my guns.


Guns. Whether Remingtons or Glocks.
Come on man, it ain't like I'm a slingin' 'em on the block.
I'm gunna tell once and listen son.
As long as I'm alive and breathing,
And I'm still breathing,
You wont take my guns.

No, you can take 'em from me when you take 'em from my grandpa and my daddy.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sneaky Momma Blog Designs

I found a wonderful website on Pinterst for bloggers like me that have no idea what they are doing! Thank you so much Seaky Momma Blog Design! I have made a button and a grab box for it. Never ever did I think I would be able to do this. I want to say thank you again sooo much for posts on Sneaky Momma Blog Design!
 Now I have a new signature too!!! I am soo excited that I am getting to personalize my blog!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Picnic and Fountain Play

Last Friday Baily, Elle and I loaded up and went to Lytle Park for a fun day. We played at all of their playgrounds, played in the fountain, and then had a little picnic. I saw a few friends from school.

There's my monkey man Baily, swinging through the equipment!

Elle decided she needed a closer look to see what Bubby was doing.

Where are the seat belts in this fire engine?

 Engine engine #9 going down Chicago line...
I don't remember the rest of this rhyme) lol.They were doing a great job!

Baily was the pilot and Elle decided to be the passenger.
(I wonder if she is traveling 1st class.)

This passenger has had quite enough turbulence.

Just a-swangin! Baily and I decided we need a big chair swing like this at our house. It was sooo comfy I could sit and read in it for hours! (except for the fact that would never be allowed unless Elle Mae was sleeping!)

 Little rockin spring seahorse!

Hold on Elle! let's get this pic done.

Playin in the fountain with the other kids. Short attention span here folks.

Enough of that. Too many people she says.
Let's just walk around it.

Down the steps...Then we went up the steps...Then back down. lol

Wait a minute. My short legs need a rest!

We had a great day! When we left here we went to visit Nanny for awhile. It is always a nice visit with her. Then to Wendy's for a cold Frosty!

Serengheti Steve

Serengheti Steve was at the library today.
He brought a few animals to show and tell us about. I am sorry but the only one I got pics of was an alligator. Steve also brought 2 snakes (which I left the room because I have a completly HUGE phobia of snakes!), and a tarantula (I stayed in the room but kept my distance).

 This little girl alligator Steve brought was very gently and cute. He just carried her around like a baby.

 She likes her belly rubbed and would wag her tail like a dog!
(OOhhh ya scratch right there!)

 Steve showing how gentle she is by putting her mouth in his.
(No thank you for me. That's getting a little personal.)

 They are rubbing noses here!
(Are you sure that's a real alligator!?) They don't act like this on Swamp People!

It was a good show at the library and Baily really enjoyed it. I love living so close to our library so we can take a little walk there. Every Wednesday in the summer they have a children's program. The best part about it besides being able to walk there is that it's FREE!!!

Wake Up Time!!

Elle loves to wake up her brother Baily! We live in a one bedroom house for now but are looking to upgrade as we don't really fit in here. lol. Baily sleeps on the couch and doesn't like to get up. When Elle is up she thinks he needs to be up too! It's soo cute!

Bubby! It's time to get up and PLAY!!!

 Hello! Are you in here??!?!?!
 Wait a minute...I think I see a birdie out the window

 I do! I do! I see a birdie on the mailbox!

Hey wait! That was a sneak attack bubby!
Did you hear I'm lookin at the little birdie!

Sneaky Sneaky mister!

Now how do I get outta this one?

Well at least he is awake now!!

My Skirt Sewing Project

So it took me 2 days to make this cute skirt and I loved it when I tried it on even! But at the end of the day I noticed the material on the sides were pulling apart. NOT THE SEAMS!! The seams I would have just redone. But no! It was the actual material! This skirt was not tight on me at all. Therefore, I can not wear this again. Broke my heart. I can't sew very well, but I did this one and loved it. Now granite, it was far from perfect. Any lines you could see that I sewed, well they looked like a zig zig puzzle. lol. I was okay with it. I wore a shirt that covers the top any way since I have a bit of a stomach.

I tried to sew around the edge of the flower and it was not working. Then I decided to just make crazy lines all over it. I really liked this idea once I was done because it gave the skirt more character! I am thinking about at least saving my flower and sewing in on a bag or something. Maybe a tshirt!

Maybe one day I will try to do another project like this.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

New Gun

So last night I picked Kris up from work and we went to Miller Guns in Effingham to buy a new shot gun. Yep thats right! He ordered me a new shot gun for deer season! This will be my first shot gun and deer season. (of course I plan on playing around a bit at Twin Oaks Sporting Clay Course).

A couple months ago, Kris signed me up for a wingshooting clinic. I thought "what in the world is that"?
It was so much fun, there were lots of people in the class and lots of instructors. The whole group got broken up into small groups. (my instructor is actually a flower shop owner from Rantoul). The instructors first explained to us about some gun safety and gave little talks. Then we went out to the field and they showed us all a little bit more safety tips upclose. The most fun was when we went out to shoot.

I got my first few clays without a miss. Thats when they were coming at us. Then they change to going away from us. Not too bad. Then comes the side to side clays!

 Oh my they were a bit harder for me but with this new gun I will get to practice! I am so excited. Since I have little short arms we ordered a youth. Its just a couple inches shorter but it is just right for me, and the kids will be able to use it also. After the class was over we went somewhere over by Neoga and got to go to a field where guys released chukhars(SP). A kind of bird i had never heard about. Anyways, we got to shoot those too. Dinner for Kris!

Now, I don't clean them or any of that. I just shoot them. And, we don't shoot things that someone in our house won't eat. That's mean and unsportsman like. Don't take what you wont eat!

I got to meet Erin Miller. She is soo sweet and I think Elle liked her a bit too. Erin walked her around the store and Elle got a cookie!

Kris took us to Culver's for dinner! Oh my I haven't had that in many years! It was sooo delicious. (and so was the concrete mixer after that!) I really need to start taking more pictures, but, I never think about it!

My gun will be here soon and more pics will come. I love this time of year. Geocaching with the kids, walks, shooting guns, truck and tractor pulls, picnics with the kids. Wiffel ball! We have alot of fun! 

Monday, June 4, 2012

Ucreate with Kids

I found this wonderful website for summer stay at home mommys! So many neat things to do and try with the kiddos. I am going to try the summer schedule that she has on here!

Update: I never got a chance to do the schedule! Next summer it will happen though.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Family Night Scavenger Hunt

Tonight the kids and I went on a walk around Shelbyville to do a little scavenger hunt. We found 18/24 things on our list. It was starting to get dark so we decided to call it quits for now.

1. something yellow- A yellow caution sign.

2. something prickly - This bush was kinda prickly. (says Baily).

3. something straight - The stop sign pole is straight. (Obviously no one has hit this one yet).

4. something smooth - The side of an old vehicle we found.

5. a place to build a nest - Look at all these trees. A nest!!! Heck we could build a whole darn fort!

6. something round -We found this manhole while looking down. Baily kept trying for the obvious. A tire, a wheel, a hubcap.

7. a man made sign - It doesn't get much more man made than this!
I do love the look of graffiti in the right places and it has to appropriate!

8. something rough - This bridge is very rough to drive over. Just ask Elle. She rides over it in the stroller all the time.

9. 2 types of leaves - We found a few with all the trees around here.

10. something blue - There is a blue parking curb at P&H.

11. something scary - This is actually more yucky than scary. There were 2 tail fins on each of these we found and separate large skull looking pieces. so strange to us.

12. 2 pieces of litter - We found tons of litter everywhere we walked.

13. something you think is a treasure - Baily chose Elle to be his treasure and he picked a heart shaped puddle.

14. something that smells good - HONEYSUCKLE!!! Mom picked this one!

15. a cool rock - Baily picked this one from the railroad that looks kinda purplish. (You can't tell that in the picture.)

16. flowers - This is a really bad pic but the flowers looked really nice

17. something that makes noise - The vent fan in the side of the restaurant.
Again, Baily said there's a bird, car, train. Come on son use some imagination. Look around for something DIFFERENT!

18.something beautiful - I love purple flowers especially wildflowers. I got to pick this one too!

the things we did not get were:
 19. something fuzzy
20. 2 kinds of seeds
21. animal track & find out what made it.
22. a chewed leaf
23. a pine cone
24. an acorn

 This was a fun little something to do. I also have lists for when we go to stores, car trips, in the house, & Internet. Nothing big just something to do and get us outdoors.