Chevelle Ava

This is my little princess Chevelle Ava! (yes like the car!) We call her Elle Mae. Elle is  such a fun little girl. Usually always happy and playing is her way of life. (but at 1, what other way is there?) She loves to play trucks and take really longs walks! (even if it is in a walmart cart). Elle is so excited when her brother Baily stays us. They really get along great and totally love each other.

We have so much to do this summer! lots of playing at the park, swimming, picnics, truck and tractor pulls, and maybe even a trip to the zoo! I am so excited!


Here is a little more about our little princess Chevelle Ava! I am super excited to share these pictures of both my children's lives. I am very proud of both of them. Baily has his own page which iI still have a few more pics to put up of him in the early years. But, for now I am going to do a little bit with Elle's page.

Meet Chevelle Ava (we call her Elle Mae for short).

This is the proud Daddy! (Elle is his first and only) Kris was really hoping for a boy. (He was having a hard time with all the pink clothes and blankets we were given before she ever got here!)

I think Daddy was so happy to get to hold and feed Elle!

We had a few visitors to the room. Granny Nonnee loves a little baby!

And there's Gram cuddlin that sweet baby!

Sierra looks soo happy! (now Sierra has her own sweet baby)

There were more visitors but these are the only ones that had pics taken there:(
We had so many pitures before we even left the hospital! Daddy was going crazy!
This is the blanket Granny Nonnee made.

And of course Mommy says we had to have one with the Ohio State blanket Grandpa Chine bought for us!

Mommy got my going home dress on me. Thanks Granny!

Its a little chilly our Elle had to wear her sweater. "OK Daddy take me home." (I think Daddy was ready to take Elle home)

Just a few days after Elle joined us it was Easter! Elle was everyone's early Easter present!
I think Baily is ok with that present.