Saturday, October 11, 2014

New Adventures In Painting!

Welcome to my new adventures in painting! Before I start let me say these are not perfect professional quality! These are my fun quality! I have never been able to draw very well but always like to try. A business here in town called Simply Yours does fun laid back painting classes. They tell you what to do and you pick out your colors and do it. (They explain step by step directions.) After taking the class I became hooked on painting! I find pictures on Pinterest and try to duplicate or add my own touch.  

This bird picture is the reason I am hooked! It was really very simple to do. Some ladies picked pinks, purples and blues for their sky but I was not brave to stray away from the original. (lol) 

Painting words is the hardest thing for me right now. I cant get the paint thick enough or letters straight enough and spaced right. But I am ok with all this being a beginner. 

I found a few pumpkins to try. I really like to paint these! I have not figured out the blending yet. Also, I did not have canvases so I just used the watercolor paper I had here. Its very thick. Then I was thinking maybe I could switch these out with the pictures I already have framed, hanging up. (That didn't work....The watercolor papers are bigger than an 8x10.)

This was my favorite! So many colors to layer. I don't really like waiting for one color to dry before I did the next part. Loved doing the spider webs and the spider. Lettering like this is alot easier than little thin letters for me. more fun also!

Not really sure how I feel about this one yet...I found this one on Etsy or Pinterest and thought I would try it. I like the Live Laugh Love, just not sure about the shading.

I am so happy how my "BOO" turned out. The feet were a little rough going with a 3 year old helper that doesn't stop moving. But she was so excited to help me out! Thanks to Husband for cutting out my candy corns for me. I like how they turned out. 

This was my first attempt at words...Not so great! (probably didn't help that I used yellow finger paint because that was what I had laying around.) 

This was the first attempt at painting a pumpkin. EVER! I was very happy with how it worked out. The lighter shades made it look like part is glowing. 

Another favorite! Wasn't sure how to do the shoes but they turned out. Thanks for hanging out and seeing all my new projects. The norm is "My crafty usually turns out crappy". But in this case, I am a proud lady! Watch my blog to see what other craziness I decide to try.