Monday, May 28, 2012

Chore Day

Today was Chore Day! Luckily, for me it was still Watch Elle Mae Day. Kris and Baily did outside chores most all day. We also took a morning walk at General Dacey Trail. It's a great place to walk. Lots of nature to see on the trails. (There are also a few geocaches out there for those of you interested in them!) We saw a box turtle just hanging out by some fallen leaves and log. I love finding turtles because they are not so scary like SNAKES!!! When I see snakes I run away screaming like a little girl! I forgot my phone or we would have a turtle picture. It seems like every year we see several turtles around somewhere. (sometimes its my husband that catches them while fishing. haha)

There's Hubby! He was a weed wackin fool.

He was cleanin up the yard. Not really by choice but he did a great job helping out today!

Elle did her job by driving around the patio today!