Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Meeting and Uniting

Let me start off by saying that yesterday I spent about 2 1/2 hours writing up a long story with some details and LOTS of pics on how Kris and I met and our wedding and everything. Then I accidentally ERASED IT ALL! So...I am starting this part over!

Kris and I met in 6th grade. We were in the same class. Mr. Barber. I think he just moved to town that year. Kris was a bit wild and looked and acted like a little punk. But he was cute. We talked a little bit but never really were friends. We ran around with different groups. (ok so I was a bully and an ugly kid so I didnt really have any friends). Kris was a skater and thought size 40 pants (even thought he only needed maybe a size 29 waist) and hair shaved on one side and long on the other was cool. Kris and I only lived a block away from each other. We went to school together until 9th grade. He moved sometime that year.
In 2009, I recieved a friend request on facebook from this kid claiming to be Kris. So I looked at his pictures and thought "Who IS this?". This guy has pics of Coon dogs, and trucks, a guy hunting and fishing, and wearing clothes that fit. For goodness sakes he had short buzzed hair and a full mountain man beard!!! I have no clue who this is! So we started talking anyways. He new some details abouit us going to school together so I figured it must be the same guy. Next we started texting and then it was calling each other. Then one day he asked if I would stop by and visit him since he was working in the same town that I lived and worked in. So, I agreed and almost didnt go because I am a big chicken. I finally got up the nerves to go and we talked awhile standing on the curb. (he was roofin a house) This continued on for a few days and started joking that we were "Curb dating"! We eventually decided to go a few real dates and everything was going great. (On our 2nd or 3rd date he asked me to Thanksgiving with his family) He started staying at my place and sometimes I would stay at his.
Then one day we were driving around town and he pulls over. I was like what are you doing? He told me to get out of the car and on "our" curb Kris asked me to marry him. Of course I said yes! We decided I would move in with him. This was going to be a big change for me. New town, new people and a longer drive to work. (yuck) But I decided to deal.
In July 2010 I found out I was pregnant! We were already planning a wedding but we would just have to make a few adjustments and move it up alot! With help from our families everything got done and turned out beautiful!
Kris and I got married in my parents back yard on October 9th, 2010, buy the coy pond! We kept it small. Just parents, grandparents and siblings with their children. My sister in-law Jaclyn did my flowers and made our wine glasses for us. This wedding was going to be a little unique. (I refused to have a white anything except the tent, even thought my mom and mother in-law made me try on white dresses!) I wore a latte colored dress with a chocolate sash. Kris wore chocolate pants and a crimson shirt. (with a camo belt of course!)
Daddy and my son Baily walked me down the aisle. (through the tent and tables)
I was worried about tripping over a chair or a tent hold down!
Kris' sister Jaclyn was his best woman!
My brother Rob was my MOH (man of honor)
Thats Jake! He was the lucky feller that got to marry us! Actually I dont think Kris would have let anyone else marry us since he found out Jake used to be a coonhunter! lol.
We were Jake's last wedding that he performed. After us he passed his book on to his grandson.
We were so blessed to have him perform our ceremony!
Again, I refused to be normal and have the ordinary WHITE Unity candle. I could not find one that I liked and I was not paying a rediculous price for one that I didnt like. I bought my pumpkin candle at Walmart for $5 and printed off our own saying and names and date.
So glad it was not windy that day!
Somewhere in the middle of the ceremony my MOH decided that holding my flowers is the woman's job, so he passed them off to Jaclyn. lol. Oh geez! Just man up and hold them! just kidding.

Here we are Mr. & Mrs. Kris Cisna!!! You may kiss the bride!
We had some awsome food. Smoked pork loin, baked potatoes and macaroni salad are all I really remember of it. There was a mysterious woman behind the scenes. Her name is Kim and she is like part of the family. She was busy making sure the food was out and set up. Hey cant have a wedding without food!!!! Thank you so much everyone for helping with the food! It was sooo wonderful!!!

Here is John and Kris' nieces having a bit o the wonderful food!
Next comes our first dance!
Hey watch it Elle Mae is in there. Leave here some room! haha
Then The father/daughter dance!!!
And yes! he started blubbering!
On to the mother/son dance!
I think Kristie was teaching Kris how to dance! lol
Time for some cake! Nope no white cakes here!
Dont remember both flavors but I do remember one of them! CHERRY CHIP!!! Its my very favorite EVER!!
No cake face for us!
Ok so this part did not work out so well. I just couldnt get it figured out and well I am not really so coordinated anyway!
Wait! wait! whos the short guy driving!?!?
Baily what are you doing in there!?!?
Oh good! A taller driver to the rescue!
And It starts!

This is what happens when Rob drives!
Dad did say he wanted new Redline tires for ol car!

Woo wee safe and sound again!
Now for the Family pics!
Kris' step dad John, mom Kristie, us, and my mom Sandra, and dad Chine

Kris' dad Andy, us, and my mom and dad
My parents, grandma Christine, and my son Baily
Everyone here except Marci. She was taking the picture. We really wanted her in the pic! We were also missing the mysterious woman behind the scenes, Kim. She shoulda been in it too!

Kris and his momma!

Kris and his nieces, Kelsi, Chloe, Josee, Zoe, Natalie, Delani

Kris sister Jaclyn, Wes, Josee, Zoe, Chloe

Kris' step- brother Nate, Marci, Kris, Kelsi, Delani, Natalie

Me and my son Baily

Me and my 2 beautiful nieces! Sydney and Sierra
Jake (our Pastor) and Shirley his wife. Im so glad they could celebrate this day with us!

Its the bridal party!

This is one of my favorite pictures!

Ok so, I swear my grandma said take a picture in the pond! BUT... what she really said was take a picture in FRONT of the pond!!!