Saturday, August 11, 2012

Beautiful Day

Since today is an absolutely gorgeous day outside, we are having some outside fun time. We started the morning with pancakes and fruit for breakfast. I decided we should take Daddy to the Visitor's Center since he had not been there. We walked around inside for a bit then walked around outside to see the beautiful view of the lake. There were not any butterflies in the butterfly garden today. But, on a positive note, the plants were ALOT greener everywhere than the last time the kids and I went.
After we came home, had a spot of lunch and outside we go!!! It's horrible to have to force a 10 year old to go outside. Why can't they think of something to do on their own! I can't even blame tv or video games at our house because we don't to video games unless it is winter. Maybe if it is raining, and we do not have cable! I hate that it is pure laziness. A 10 year old should not prefer to just sit on the couch and do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING as opposed to riding his bike, making forts for G.I. Joes or even just playing with them for that matter! I just don't get it.
anyways off my rant for now.
So we made the boy go outside and play. He proceeds to just walk around following us. Hello!!! Go find something to do. Bring some toys out or something. So He finally brings some G.I. Joes out to play with. That lasted maybe 30 minutes and he just sits there leaning against the house. I asked whats wrong. "I'm bored." So find something else to do. All the while I have a 1 year old in her play pin playing, Husband working with the new puppy, Jigs, and me trying to be crafty and get some projects done today.
No clue what this leg is off of. Husband found 2 of them in the garage and I decided it would be a great body for a dragonfly! So starts the process. Husband sanded this piece for me a while ago. Next, I found some tin in the yard to cut wings out of. Sorry, but this will not all get done or posted today. It will be a long process to do. This dragonfly is going to represent Husband's mom Kristie who we lost last September to cancer. She loved dragonflies. She will have a green body and blue and purple wings. I hope she turns out as cute as she is in my head! 

I scored these awesome butterflies at our garage sale. I think my mom has had them for 30 years! lol. They will be a great addition to Elle's walls one day. I picked purple because it is one of my favorite colors.

Green for the body! I love how the body has neat curves for head and tail!

Elle decided it was time to come out of the pin and explore for a while. She really likes pulling the wagon around that she got from Aunt Leigh.

 Come on wagon! Let's go this way!

And there's the hose...

 And here's the broken down wagon...Maybe I can use it for parts...

I think this fence needs some lovin' mama.

Will ya just look at this paint...

We had to come in for a nap and some pizza for dinner. Now headed back out for backyard adventures!