Monday, August 13, 2012

Takin Daddy to the Center

Yesterday we got to finally take Daddy to the Visitor's Center and go on a tour of the dam. Well Elle and I didn't get to go down in the dam. She was being a little pistol. But, I sent Baily and Husband to go. We started at the Visitor's Center. Elle ran around and showed Daddy all the cool stuff.

 Baily and Elle are gettin all learned up on the animals here.

Kris says get by the snake. (I am about 2 ft. from the glass.) There is a black rat snake in there! I am completely thrilled to be this close.

"No No Get Closer" I did. About 2 whole inches closer.

There's Baily leanin on the stump.

I love the big wall mural behind Husband's head.

He's not really on the phone. Not exactly sure what he was doin here.

That's the great thinking pose! Or maybe it's the Captain!

Daddy Daddy! I want a pic with you!

Wrasslin the monster! She would not hold still for nothin. Every time someone started to tell us about the dam she would start jabbering or yellin.
Who's kid is she anyways??