Thursday, August 9, 2012

Today's Ramblings

Today I have a few ramblins goin on in my head! Some may say they are rattlins, but I think not. haha. Last night there was a hard storm come through here. Husband has not had doors on his truck for a couple months now. I had to drive his Tonka truck to run a few errands this morning. (Husband has been driving my car to work). I drove it by yself for the first time and I love t odrive it now! It's so fun! Elle Mae's car seat was still in the truck from a little cruise we all took last night. Husband was trying to get Jigs used to being crated and riding. So Elle Mae and I had the cab all to ourselves since Husband rode in the back talking to Jigs.

 I said I would come back out and put Elle's seat back in my car later. Then, I had a change of mind. If I had to drive the truck during the day her seat would still be here. So, silly me left it in the truck with no doors! Needless to say, we both had wet hineys this morning. (I did put towels in her seat and mine). But we made it through the errands.

On to more ramblins! Look Poppo! Elle Mae loves the little table and chairs too! There is a picture of Baily and I eating dinner at this table somewhere.

That picture is somewhere with my train of thought. I had lots more to go on about. Now where did those thoughts get off to???