Friday, June 1, 2012

More of My Crafts

These are just a few of my little crafts. Most of the things I do are things that don't take super long.

The first bandanna dress! Thanks Pinterest for all of the crazy ideas that I do! Thanks also to my hubby for being so patient with me and my mess. I know some of this is so that I will stay out of your hair, but I appreciate it anyways! Love You!

This is the front of the bandanna dress! Thank you Elle Mae for being such a fantastic model!

Back of the dress! This dress can be turned either way. ( I didn't have 2 bandannas of the same color!)

My first diaper cake. Its a little crooked. I just couldn't get it quite right!

I made scarves for all the nieces and a few others for Christmas. I just took my fleece and cut into strips. Got me some material and stencils. (don't forget to turn your material and stencils upside down when you trace.)lol. I got the iron on backing and then I blanket stitched around the letters. (this is not shown in these pictures).

These are calendar covers I did for the ladies in our classroom. We have the same size calendars every year and I thought why not personalize them instead of being like everyone else.

Stamped out washers! There are so many possibilities with this idea!

I made mine as pendants to wear with my kids names and birth dates.

These were made for bridesmaids gifts for a friends wedding. I also stamped each of the ladies names on them to personalize a bit. ( I somehow forgot to take a picture of them finished with names!) I am not so good about remembering to take lots of pictures. Something else I am working on with this blog.

I made a few clothes alterations. This is my favorite! I cut my material in the shapes of pedals and then hand stitched them all on. I finished by putting a large flower button in the middle! This was a $1.50 shirt on clearance at Walmart and left over material.

So I found yet another Pinterest idea! Christmas ornaments! (these are not so Christmasy). I had the hubby cut me some pieces of a log and I used a little wood burning tool to put initials or names on the pieces of log. Then I attached a piece of ribbon to the backs of the log pieces for hanging!

The shotgun shell wreath. This is Christmasy right?? Well around this family it is. With the hubby working at Twin Oaks I have unlimited supply of these! This was very hard for me to make and it sags when I pick it up. I found some of these for sale online for about $40 but never instructions anywhere.

I just couldn't spend the outrageous money on a kids costume that wouldn't last and half the kids in town would be wearing the same or similar! I got Elle a fleece hoodie, sweat pants and some little black socks. I splatter painted all the pieces with a toothbrush and then sewed the ears on. Elle Mae turned out to be the cutest little Bluetick Coonhound puppy I had ever seen!