Friday, June 1, 2012

Baily's Life

This is Baily as he was growing up. Now Baily is 10 years old so there are a few pics of him here. Some of his family and ours don't get to see him very much because we all live so far away. I am doing some of these blogs so the family in california and ohio can see whats going on here and keep up with Baily and Elle growing up. I wish I would have thought about this soooo very long ago!~

Baily, Bubba and Grandpa Chine
Baily and cousin John for John's wedding
Jenna, John, Kayte and Baily
Grandpa Chine, Baily and Uncle Rob for Rob's wedding. They are all being so handsom!
It's super Booger Boy!

Baily loved the bus! He thought he was sooo cool getting to ride to preschool. lol

If you are in Grandpa Chine's garage, you will be put to work. That screw was a little rusty. Baily never gave up!

Grandpa to the rescue! He knows a few tips and tricks to getting out the rusty screws and bolts!
Baily was a penguin in his first grade Chistmas program!
Baily loved to climb trees!
Another one of Baily's favorite activites! Swimming! He's like a little fishy!
This is Baily's good friend Emmy. Shes very sweet.
Baily and Brenten playing on the tire swing at the Arcola park!
Baily at cousin Nikki's wedding! He is like a wedding master.
Baily on Emmy's quad!
Baily on Grandpa Chine's Motorized Bike.
Baily and Kris with the birds they shot for dinner!
I got a Build-A-Bear Ohio State DOG!!!!
Baily and Mommy Chistmas pictures 2008
I just love this picture! The bright color, the upside downess and a smiling kid!

Christmas 2009

Easter 2011

Summer 2011

Halloween 2011

Christmas Pics 2011.
 It was a little cold but no snow was crazy!
Love this picture! They are so sweet together.

Baily and Elle cuddling in the chair. He loved to cuddle his baby sister.

Winter 2012
Spring Pictures 2012