Friday, June 1, 2012

Briana's Bucket List

So I keep thinking of things I really wanna do before I kick  the bucket. (I am not planning on this to happen anytime soon). Some are very realistic and some not so much. Some of these are very out of order!

1. Grow old with someone I love
2. Be the maid of honor in a wedding
3. Go on a cruise
4. Go to California
5. Go to prom
6. Wear a beautiful wedding dress
7. kiss someone at midnight on New Years
8. graduate college
9. swim under a waterfall
10. go snorkeling
11. Chistmas at Disney
12. go on non budget shopping spree
13. take cute kissing booth pics
14. go to a drive in movie
15. make melted crayon art
16. go to a walk through aquarium
17. have a flat stomach
18. go to Easter Island
19. play in the rain
20. eat healthier.
21. teach kids to eat healthier
22. be a Girls on the Run coach.
23. complete the couch 2 5k
24. complete a 5k marathon
25. cuddle in front of a fire place
26. put up Christmas lights in my room as an adult.
27. make a picket fence headboard.
28 make my kids headboards
29. have a walk-in closet
30. go to the Carribean
31. visit Hawaii
32. find how many licks to the center of a Tootsie Pop
33. be a good parent
34. be a good wife
35. be a good friend
36. be a good daughter
37. read the entire Bible
38. go on a zoo date
39. find beauty and happiness in the little things
40. kiss under a rainbow
41. build my own library in my house
42. have my dad walk me down the aisle
43. have mom help me pick my wedding dress
44. visit Myrtle Beach a blanket fort with someone i love
46. build the kids a fort outside
47. give people a reason to remember my name
48. feel beautiful
49. go to new orleans
50 go on a carnival date
51. watch all the Harry Potters in 1 day.
52. Shop on black friday
53. be the reason someone wakes up happy
54. take polaroids
55. run everyday
56. finish an entire coloring book
57. own a time turner necklace from harry potter
58. learn more sign language
59. pick wildflowers
60. pay it forward
61. play in the puddles
62. do something wild to my hair
63. take the kids on an amazing vacation
64. take my husband on an amazing vacation
65. pick apples
66. make jam
67. can food
68. go to the pumpkin patch every year with the kids
69. go to a corn maze with the kids
70. give someone a secret gift to make their day
71. get my pre-pregnancy body back
72. have a romantic picnic at night
73. send a message in a bottle
74. go on a beach date
75. go ziplining
76. go parasailing
77. go on a powered parachute ride
78. shoot a gun
79. own a gun
80. go camping
81. have my own star
82. go to texas
83. see Cinderellas castle
84. own something from Tiffany & co
85. make my own jewelry
86. have a superhero underwear collection
87. own a motorcycle again
88. go to belize
89. name a star for someone else
90. hava son
91. have a daughter
92. be married 20 years
93. be married 30 years
94. be married 40 years
95. be married 50 years
96. be married 60 years
97. wish on a shooting star
98. go to puerto rico
99. jump in a pool fully clothed (this was actually the lake)
100. recieve a Hogwarts acceptance letter
101. throw a dart and go to where it lands
102. witness a miracle
103. throw a surprise party for someone
104. have a marriage more beautiful than my wedding
105. be a home owner
106. dance with my dad at my wedding
107. make an important decision with a coin toss (chose my son's name)
108. go to madrid
109. watch my kids get married
110. go to airport and buy tickets to a random flight
111. own a muscle car
112. go on the Hot Rod Power Tour car cruise, with my husband and parents
113. write something in wet cement
114. do something wonderful to change someone's life (I ran in the St. Jude Run)
115. get tickets to a tv show
116. attatch a lock to a love bridge
117. play in a fountain
118. live to meet my grandchildren
119. have a beautiful baby fall asleep in my arms
120. hear my babies call me mama
121. watch a sunrise on the beach
122. watch the sunset on the beach
123. go to fiji
124. go skinny dippin
125. find a 4-leaf clover
125. see the Hollywood sign
126. design my own house
127. kiss at the top of the ferris wheel
128. celebrate my 100th birthday
129. go to london
130. go on a hot air balloon ride
131. go to carlos bakery
132. see the wizarding world of harry potter
133. go to las vegas
134. go to mardi gras
135. be in 2 places at once
136. be on the skydeck in chicago
137. take the kids to shedd aquarium
138. see a broadway play
139. visit all 50 states (yes all of them)
140. get 4 more tattoos
141. run a 10k
142. run a half marathon
143. run a full marathon
144. run the St. Jude Mattoon to Peoria with my children
145. do a Color Run/Run or Dye
146. do the Hot Chocolate run
147. Do Women Rock Chicago run
148. Do Get Lucky Chicago run
149. do Monster Dash Chicago run