Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wake Up Time!!

Elle loves to wake up her brother Baily! We live in a one bedroom house for now but are looking to upgrade as we don't really fit in here. lol. Baily sleeps on the couch and doesn't like to get up. When Elle is up she thinks he needs to be up too! It's soo cute!

Bubby! It's time to get up and PLAY!!!

 Hello! Are you in here??!?!?!
 Wait a minute...I think I see a birdie out the window

 I do! I do! I see a birdie on the mailbox!

Hey wait! That was a sneak attack bubby!
Did you hear I'm lookin at the little birdie!

Sneaky Sneaky mister!

Now how do I get outta this one?

Well at least he is awake now!!