Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My Skirt Sewing Project

So it took me 2 days to make this cute skirt and I loved it when I tried it on even! But at the end of the day I noticed the material on the sides were pulling apart. NOT THE SEAMS!! The seams I would have just redone. But no! It was the actual material! This skirt was not tight on me at all. Therefore, I can not wear this again. Broke my heart. I can't sew very well, but I did this one and loved it. Now granite, it was far from perfect. Any lines you could see that I sewed, well they looked like a zig zig puzzle. lol. I was okay with it. I wore a shirt that covers the top any way since I have a bit of a stomach.

I tried to sew around the edge of the flower and it was not working. Then I decided to just make crazy lines all over it. I really liked this idea once I was done because it gave the skirt more character! I am thinking about at least saving my flower and sewing in on a bag or something. Maybe a tshirt!

Maybe one day I will try to do another project like this.