Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Serengheti Steve

Serengheti Steve was at the library today.
He brought a few animals to show and tell us about. I am sorry but the only one I got pics of was an alligator. Steve also brought 2 snakes (which I left the room because I have a completly HUGE phobia of snakes!), and a tarantula (I stayed in the room but kept my distance).

 This little girl alligator Steve brought was very gently and cute. He just carried her around like a baby.

 She likes her belly rubbed and would wag her tail like a dog!
(OOhhh ya scratch right there!)

 Steve showing how gentle she is by putting her mouth in his.
(No thank you for me. That's getting a little personal.)

 They are rubbing noses here!
(Are you sure that's a real alligator!?) They don't act like this on Swamp People!

It was a good show at the library and Baily really enjoyed it. I love living so close to our library so we can take a little walk there. Every Wednesday in the summer they have a children's program. The best part about it besides being able to walk there is that it's FREE!!!