Friday, June 1, 2012

Family Night Scavenger Hunt

Tonight the kids and I went on a walk around Shelbyville to do a little scavenger hunt. We found 18/24 things on our list. It was starting to get dark so we decided to call it quits for now.

1. something yellow- A yellow caution sign.

2. something prickly - This bush was kinda prickly. (says Baily).

3. something straight - The stop sign pole is straight. (Obviously no one has hit this one yet).

4. something smooth - The side of an old vehicle we found.

5. a place to build a nest - Look at all these trees. A nest!!! Heck we could build a whole darn fort!

6. something round -We found this manhole while looking down. Baily kept trying for the obvious. A tire, a wheel, a hubcap.

7. a man made sign - It doesn't get much more man made than this!
I do love the look of graffiti in the right places and it has to appropriate!

8. something rough - This bridge is very rough to drive over. Just ask Elle. She rides over it in the stroller all the time.

9. 2 types of leaves - We found a few with all the trees around here.

10. something blue - There is a blue parking curb at P&H.

11. something scary - This is actually more yucky than scary. There were 2 tail fins on each of these we found and separate large skull looking pieces. so strange to us.

12. 2 pieces of litter - We found tons of litter everywhere we walked.

13. something you think is a treasure - Baily chose Elle to be his treasure and he picked a heart shaped puddle.

14. something that smells good - HONEYSUCKLE!!! Mom picked this one!

15. a cool rock - Baily picked this one from the railroad that looks kinda purplish. (You can't tell that in the picture.)

16. flowers - This is a really bad pic but the flowers looked really nice

17. something that makes noise - The vent fan in the side of the restaurant.
Again, Baily said there's a bird, car, train. Come on son use some imagination. Look around for something DIFFERENT!

18.something beautiful - I love purple flowers especially wildflowers. I got to pick this one too!

the things we did not get were:
 19. something fuzzy
20. 2 kinds of seeds
21. animal track & find out what made it.
22. a chewed leaf
23. a pine cone
24. an acorn

 This was a fun little something to do. I also have lists for when we go to stores, car trips, in the house, & Internet. Nothing big just something to do and get us outdoors.