Saturday, June 9, 2012

New Gun

So last night I picked Kris up from work and we went to Miller Guns in Effingham to buy a new shot gun. Yep thats right! He ordered me a new shot gun for deer season! This will be my first shot gun and deer season. (of course I plan on playing around a bit at Twin Oaks Sporting Clay Course).

A couple months ago, Kris signed me up for a wingshooting clinic. I thought "what in the world is that"?
It was so much fun, there were lots of people in the class and lots of instructors. The whole group got broken up into small groups. (my instructor is actually a flower shop owner from Rantoul). The instructors first explained to us about some gun safety and gave little talks. Then we went out to the field and they showed us all a little bit more safety tips upclose. The most fun was when we went out to shoot.

I got my first few clays without a miss. Thats when they were coming at us. Then they change to going away from us. Not too bad. Then comes the side to side clays!

 Oh my they were a bit harder for me but with this new gun I will get to practice! I am so excited. Since I have little short arms we ordered a youth. Its just a couple inches shorter but it is just right for me, and the kids will be able to use it also. After the class was over we went somewhere over by Neoga and got to go to a field where guys released chukhars(SP). A kind of bird i had never heard about. Anyways, we got to shoot those too. Dinner for Kris!

Now, I don't clean them or any of that. I just shoot them. And, we don't shoot things that someone in our house won't eat. That's mean and unsportsman like. Don't take what you wont eat!

I got to meet Erin Miller. She is soo sweet and I think Elle liked her a bit too. Erin walked her around the store and Elle got a cookie!

Kris took us to Culver's for dinner! Oh my I haven't had that in many years! It was sooo delicious. (and so was the concrete mixer after that!) I really need to start taking more pictures, but, I never think about it!

My gun will be here soon and more pics will come. I love this time of year. Geocaching with the kids, walks, shooting guns, truck and tractor pulls, picnics with the kids. Wiffel ball! We have alot of fun!