Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Picnic and Fountain Play

Last Friday Baily, Elle and I loaded up and went to Lytle Park for a fun day. We played at all of their playgrounds, played in the fountain, and then had a little picnic. I saw a few friends from school.

There's my monkey man Baily, swinging through the equipment!

Elle decided she needed a closer look to see what Bubby was doing.

Where are the seat belts in this fire engine?

 Engine engine #9 going down Chicago line...
I don't remember the rest of this rhyme) lol.They were doing a great job!

Baily was the pilot and Elle decided to be the passenger.
(I wonder if she is traveling 1st class.)

This passenger has had quite enough turbulence.

Just a-swangin! Baily and I decided we need a big chair swing like this at our house. It was sooo comfy I could sit and read in it for hours! (except for the fact that would never be allowed unless Elle Mae was sleeping!)

 Little rockin spring seahorse!

Hold on Elle! let's get this pic done.

Playin in the fountain with the other kids. Short attention span here folks.

Enough of that. Too many people she says.
Let's just walk around it.

Down the steps...Then we went up the steps...Then back down. lol

Wait a minute. My short legs need a rest!

We had a great day! When we left here we went to visit Nanny for awhile. It is always a nice visit with her. Then to Wendy's for a cold Frosty!