Saturday, July 7, 2012

Wood Burning 2

Back to the wood burning I go! I made a few more signs yesterday and think I may sell some!

Yes, another "Coonhunt Blueticks". My husband wanted a couple for his friends and himself. They are almost like a little club. Kris even had "Coonhunt Bluetick" shirts made. Only 5 of them. I was a lucky recipient!

The "E" in the first one is a tad off but I kinda liked it. It has character. lol. For some reason even when I measure these out I cannot get the words lined up or even centered! I guess thats okay too! Just more character.

"Blessings". A simple sheer white ribbon hangs this one. But, I do now think I will cut the ends off. Don't really think I care for the "hangy" ends. This would be cute above family pictures.

"Rustic Sparkle". That's what I named my kind of crafting! I love the rustic but I also love the sparkle! Thinking of this for a business name! I think on some of these I am going to have to take more close ups and post in this. This has sheer-glitter ribbon and wire holder.

"Beautiful Bows". What rustic little country girl doesn't have bows!? She definitely will need a place to hang them! I will be making more of this one. a few different variations with the ribbon and font for words. I am thinking some cute plaid material for the ribbons. I know Elle has a bunch of bows already. Maybe some camo ribbons to hang from.
I have soooo many more ideas. I just need to get on it! I want to play with a way to do more fonts and figure out how to make them straight. Still alot of things I need to work on but, I will get it!

This one is a new addition. A friend ours was repainting her daughter's room so I thought what little girl doesn't need a bow holder!? I added a few cup hooks in the middle for to hang up jewelry.