Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Day at the 4H Fair

This morning the kids and I went to the Shelby County 4H Fair to check and see what it's all about. Not alot to do but there is a whole bunch of animals. We saw cattle, sheep, rabbits, owls, pigs, ducks, roosters and hens. Maybe this will help Elle figure out that not EVERY animal is a goggie (doggie). I couldn't get pics of the kids petting the animals since I was holding Elle. There were some very nice little fellers showing us around and holding some of the animals.

 We learned today that these are a type of owl!

More owls!

These bunnies were soooo fluffy!

We saw pink pigs,

spotted pigs,

brown pigs,

 and black pigs too!  (He was hiding from the camera. Probably a bad hair day.)

Roosters say COCK-A-DOODLE-DOO!

There were so many kinds of roosters! These pics of them turned out horrible.

 Pokey spotted roosters!

These looked like stained glass roosters!

They were sooo brightly colored!

And some Thanksgiving dinner!

These were soo furry we couldn't see their faces!

Then came the ducks and geese!
 Sheep were furry. Elle wasn't sure about the feel of them.

Some had hair cuts for the fair.

He was just waiting for his close up shot!

There's my animals! Baily animal and an Elle animal!

Brown spotted cows,

and black spotted cows, brown cows, white cows.
  Tire cows,

wide away cows.

These pigs were getting a bath!

Sweet momma and baby!

 Then came some goats!

 Shh. This little guy was sleeping.

 This is medium Billy Goat Gruff!

Can you put the fan a little closer??

Hello visitors!