Sunday, July 22, 2012

New Sand Box

Today I finally got brave enough to let Elle play in her sand box. (okay so it's a PLASTIC SAND TUB! whatever) It's a great little box for a first time sander! (And it has a lock lid to keep out the critters!)

She wasn't sure at first, but then wanted to stand in it! Then sit in it!

We decided shoes were not necessary as long as we stay in the sand or on the mat. Besides Elle needed to feel the soft rainbow of sand on her little piggies!

The more we dug, the more colors we found! Green, pink, tan, and purple!
Crayola sand is sooo soft for baby. It's wonderful! We need a huge sandbox of this stuff for mom to get in too. Hey! I can pretend I'm on a luxurious sandy beach can't I!?!?!
Hey the Little People are disappearing! It must rainbow quicksand!

Hurry Elle Save them!

 We just needed to get a little closer to save them all!

This turned out to be a great experience! (Except for putting sandy hands in mom's hair. Oh well, I'll take it for a good first experience in the sand box!)
I am so glad she liked it! I think we might bury some treasure (toys) in the sand and have to dig them out! Maybe I enjoy this more than Elle. We will also be getting a small bowl of water to in one end to make a swimming pool for the people and animals! I got this off of Big Play in Small Spaces! It is such a great website.

I am sure that my beach or swimming pool will not look near as cool as theirs. But I will make it better as Elle gets older and cares a little more! I am so excited! I hope she is more creative at playing than her brother! I can't wait to come up with more outdoor activities to do with her. (Besides chasing her.) I would love to build forts with Baily but he is just not too interested. Maybe this one will like Fairy houses. Or, maybe she will like garages for her cars or something! Who knows what she will be like in a couple of years!