Monday, July 2, 2012

Giver's Log

This is one of the best blog sites I have ever seen!
Very creative and simple ideas. This California mom takes simple every day items and mails them. She calls it "Happy Mail". For example she mails a flip flop. Just writes the address and maybe a little note on it and mails it. Later she will mail the next one. A water bottle with colored pencils and a note in it. A tube of chapstick with a note wrapped around it, A clown wig, mask, and rubber nose in a clear bag! A big bouncy ball, a plastic egg, asand bucket, a shovel, a ribbon stick, a bubble wrap hopscotch game. Love these. anything under 13oz. you can mail. So creative! Who doesnt LOVE to get wonderful mail?!? I will now be on the search for items less than 13oz to mail to us-suspecting individuals! I am beyond excited! This is something tha maybe even my son will like! I cant wait for him to get here so we can start planning! I hate chewing tobacco, but, We have a lot of used cans laying around that will be put to use! (Some for organizing small crafts.)
I will be posting pics soon!
(But Im not mailing MY flip flops! lol)