Monday, July 9, 2012

Some Simple Jewelry

I have been in the jewelry making mood. Nothing fancy, just fun! Cheap and easy jewelry crafting. My husband even bought me MY OWN TOOLS!!! (He said he will be needing his snips when squirrel season starts.)

I have put together a few necklaces and will be working on kids pendants soon. I have started but not finished the kids pendants yet. But I will be getting a few done today, maybe. I even did a few rings! I cant wait to show you all of my crazy projects. Funny one day it's woodburning and the next, jewelry! I like to have some diversity I guess. (Or maybe it's just a short attention span!) Well here goes.

On this one I just measured my ribbon to the length I wanted it. (I held it around my neck for the measurement. lol) Added a cute charm, put clasps on the ends and sewed the ends of the ribbon over. Super easy and cheap!

I got some chain. found some sheer black ribbon and weaved it through the chain. Added claps on the ends and a very cute pendent. This pendent has two parts to it is but connected together. 

I have some river rocks in my flower pots outside. I decided to try the wire wrapping around a rock for a pendent. ALOT harder than I thought it would be.

Okay, so I got some kids pendents done. Some on stamped washers with charms and some on flat metal with some embelishments.

These are the glass rocks and I painted on the bottom flat side of these with nail polish! I glued the black one on an adjustable ring already but only have 2 more rings left. So, I have to decided which other colors I want done now!

All these are cheap and easy ideas! Hope you enjoy!