Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Scavenger Hunts (for kiddos)

I found a bunch of scavenger hunts online and thought I would share. I know alot of activities are getting expensive, swimming pool, movies, etc... Here are some free ideas since most people have a camera or a phone with a camera, feet to walk, a piece of paper and writing stick. I have also put some on here for indoors and outdoors depending on the weather and where you are. These can be done in the car, in a store, or a short walk around town.

List 1

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt For Kids* Something that makes a noise.
* Something yellow.
* A piece of litter.
* Something prickly.
* Something smooth.
* A place to build a nest.
* A man-made sign.
* An animal track. Who made it?
* Something blue.
* A pretty flower.
* Something scary.
Use your imagination to come up with more ideas to complement this outdoor scavenger hunt. Be sure to check out our other outdoor hunts as well. And as always, remember to have fun and encourage your kids to have fun!
 List 2

Zoo Scavenger Hunt
* Find an animal that does not eat meat to survive.
* Find a bird with wings that are very colorful.
* Watch a zookeeper feed an animal. Does the animal seem friendly?
* Find a mother feeding her baby.
* Find the longest reptile in the zoo. What makes a reptile a reptile?
* Find an animal that hops.
* Find a mammal that swims. Watch it play in it's pool. What is a mammal?
* Find an animal that you have NEVER seen before. What is it? What does it like to eat?
* Find the smallest bird at the zoo. What kind is it? What is it's natural habitat? What is a habitat?
* Find a drinking fountain and take a drink. (Don't let this zoo activity wear you out!) Then go find an animal taking a drink. How does it drink it's water?
* Find the largest animal at the zoo. What is it? Where does it sleep?
* What is your favorite animal? Try to find it here at the zoo. If it's not here, why do you think that is? If it is here, take a picture of it.
* What is the most colorful animal here at the zoo? Why do you think it is so colorful?
* Go visit the lions. How are they different from pet cats?
* Visit the monkeys. What are they doing?

Have fun with this zoo activity and feel free to add your own ideas to this zoo scavenger hunt list. Also, remember to check online to look for a coupon code for your zoo tickets. It's always worth a try!
Did you have a fun little tikes zoo day? Or did you have a good time doing this activity with your fellow middle school classmates?Share your own zoo scavenger hunt clues and other ideas here! I'd love to continue growing this free resource for parents, teachers, youth leaders and event planners.

List 3

United States Scavenger Hunt List* Photo in front of a sign welcoming you to the state.
* Photo in front of a sign bidding you farewell from the state.
* Photo taken on the steps of the state capital.
* Hiking map from the state's largest state park. (You must take at least one hike here!).
* Photo of the state flower.
* Photo of the state bird.
* Visit the oldest town on record in the state and visit the museum in this town.
* Visit the largest body of water in the state. Take a photo of your toes in the water!.
* Who is one of the most famous people born in the state? Visit their birthplace.
* Visit five different small towns and try out a local restaurant and/or coffee shop in each town. Chain restaurants don't count!.
* Drive the most well-known road in the state and discover why it's so famous.
* Visit an art gallery in five different towns in five different parts of the state to get a flavor for the inspiration of local artists.
* Pick up a music CD of a local musician and listen to it on your scenic drives.
* Buy a postcard from 5 different towns and send them to someone back home.
* Participate in at least one adventurous activity: horseback riding, skiing, canoeing, fishing, etc.
* Participate in at least one cultural activity: go to a play, go to a concert, watch a parade, etc.
* Drive at least 50 miles on a back road. Take a photo of the most interesting thing you discover on your drive.
* Visit the largest city in the state. Go to a museum, an art gallery, a city park, and an antique shop.
* Find a fun bike path and go for a bike ride. This can be a rails-to-trails bike path in a small town or a city bike path through a park or along a river.
* Take a photo of a sunrise and a sunset. (These are fun to compare from state to state!).

I hope you enjoyed this United States Scavenger Hunt challenge. I'd love to hear your feedback on this particular travel scavenger hunt. If you've taken the challenge and completed a state's activities, please share your experience below. Be sure to log each state as you complete them!

List 4

Spooky Autumn Scavenger Hunt List
Twig shaped like a bone
Leaf skeleton
The sound of wind in the tree tops
An acorn cup
Fir cone nibbled by something with razor sharp teeth.
Flying seed
The sound of an unseen animal rustling in the undergrowth
A new life ready to grow
Ten leaves of different shades and colours.
A mammal
A horrible stink
A squidgy yucky surprise
Oldest thing you can find
Something you can feel but cannot see
Something that makes a noise
Sign of an animal

List 5

Halloween Hunt
* Find a cyclops pumpkin.
* Photo of 3 ghost costumes.
* Photo of the most outrageous costume at the costume store.
* Trick or treat at 10 houses.
* Photo of a bat. (bonus points if it's a real one!)
* Find a handful of pumpkin seeds.
* An orange and a black crayon.
* A black cat.
* Find a witch's hat.
* Take a photo with a vampire.
* Apply fake blood to yourself in a creatively scary way.
* Find some Halloween cookies.

Hopefully this short list will get your creative juices flowing.
Add your own Halloween ideas. Have fun and be safe

List 6

Examples of Easter Scavenger Hunt Clues
* Look under your bed.
* Look by the swing set.
* Look under a tree in the lawn.
* Look in the dryer.
* Look in the mailbox.
* Look under the stairs.
* Look in the dryer.
* Look under your pillow.
* Look by your toothbrush.
* Look in your car seat.
* Look in the refrigerator.
* Look in the mailbox.
* Look around the swing set.
* Look by the forest path.
* Look on the basement stairs.
* Look under the kitchen sink.

Easter Game Set-Up
Step One:
Put the various clues on a slip of paper inside each of the plastic eggs. (You can stick a small piece of candy in with some of the clues if you wish.)
Step Two:
Separate the eggs out between each of the kids' baskets.
Step Three:
Place a piece of Easter candy or fun Easter gift at each of the locations for which you've made up a clue. (Be sure that things are even so that each kid gets the same amount of candy and Easter prizes.)
Step Four: Gather the kids together and send them out on their Easter egg hunts.

This Easter hunt can be tailored if needed so that kids get their favorite candy. Simply match the clues and prizes to each kid individually.

List 7

Christmas Game List
* Red and green paper chain with at least 10 links.
* Christmas ornament.
* Letter to Santa.
* Image of Rudolph.
* A red bow for a package.
* Snowflake cutout.
* Recipe for your favorite Christmas cookie.
* List of 10 Christmas carols.
* Image of a Christmas tree.
* Ad for a Christmas sale going on at a local store (not a chain store).
* A homemade wreath (made out of any material).
* A book with Christmas as the theme.
* Image of an angel.
* Favorite holiday tradition (written down).
* A holly leaf.

List 8

Indoor Scavenger Hunt Ideas
(Broken Down By Location)

* Spatula
* Aluminum foil
* Fork
* Cup
* Rolling pin
* Bread pan
* Coffee maker
* Red pepper flakes
* Can of beans
* Wire cooling rack
* Salad spinner
* Bread knife
* Oatmeal
* Plastic bowl
* Grocery bag

Living Room
* Red book
* Candle
* TV remote
* Vase of flowers
* Telephone
* Sofa pillow
* Family photo
* Seasonal decoration
* Drink coaster
* Newspaper
* Favorite CD
* Computer
* Houseplant
* Coat rack
* Calendar

* Pillow
* Slippers
* Earplugs
* Book
* Stuffed animal
* Dirty socks
* Perfume
* Piece of jewelry
* Kleenex
* Purse
* Necktie
* Favorite toy
* Red t-shirt
* Fan
* Belt

* Toothbrush
* Dental floss
* Piece of toilet paper
* Lipstick
* Cup
* Hand cream
* Bar of soap
* Sunscreen
* Q-tip
* Razor
* Clean washcloth
* Candle
* Bubble bath
* Toothpaste
* Comb

* Soccer ball
* Bike
* Hammer
* Sled
* Laundry soap
* Bucket
* Hose
* Screwdriver
* Trowel
* Padlock
* Cooler
* Ladder
* Mop
* Lawn mower
* Paint can
* Paper clip
* Scrub brush
* Doormat
* Water bottle
* Ruler
* Keychain
* Magazine
* Rubber band
* Red pen
* Crayons
* Scissors
* Ziploc bag
* Greeting card
* Backpack
* Cell phone charger

List 9

Internet Scavenger Hunt Questions
1. What are the seven principles of Leave No Trace? (hint:
2. What is ectodermal dysplasia, what areas of the body does can it affect and is there a cure? (
3. What is SOA Watch?
4. What does Hosanna Industries do, where is it located and when did it start?
5. When was Cover Me With Love founded and what do they do? (hint:
6. When was Amnesty International founded and what started the campaign?
7. Where is your nearest Big Brothers Big Sisters Chapter?
8. What are five different volunteering opportunities available with Volunteer Patagonia?
9. What is the major focus of the projects of La Esperanza Granada and where is it located? (
10. What is

Non-Profit Internet Scavenger Hunt Answers
1. Leave No Trace Principles:Plan ahead and prepare.
Travel and camp on durable surfaces.
Dispose of waste properly.
Leave what you find.
Minimize campfire impact.
Respect wildlife.
Be considerate of other visitors.
2. Ectodermal Dysplasia:
A group of disorders that affect the ectoderm, the outer layer of tissue in a developing baby.
Hair, nails, skin, sweat glands, teeth.
No cure but there are many treatments available.
3. SOA watch is an independent organization that seeks to close the US Army School of the Americas.
4. Hosanna Industries started in 1990 and is based in Rochester, PA near Pittsburgh. They provide construction services as a means to alleviate poverty thru new construction and rehabilitation.
5. Cover me with love was founded in 2004. They distribute hand-made baby blankets and clothing to shelters and organizations that focus on the welfare of children in North America.
6. Amnesty International was founded in 1961. The campaign was started with the publication of the article "The Forgotten Prisoners" by Peter Benenson.
7. Go to and enter your zip code to get this answer.
8. Volunteer Patagonia:
Culture and education work.
Human rights of the Patagonia communities.
Environment in Patagonia.
Natives of the Argentinean and Chilean Patagonia.
International Cooperation with Patagonia.
9. La Esperanza Granada is located in Nicaragua and the major focus of their projects is on education.
10. raises awareness about important causes and empowers people to take action with leading non-profits.

List 10

Computer Game Clues
1. Go to and type your favorite vacation spot into the search box. Click on your findings to learn more about your fun spot!
2. Go to and look for an airfare to London departing next Saturday.
3. Go to and read today's featured article. Then look up kite landboarding and read about this fun sport.
4. Go to and leave a comment.
5. Go to and look up a friend. Try to find their address.
6. Go to and look up the 10 day forecast.
7. Go to and look up information on a National Park you want to visit someday.
8. Open a Word document and type a short letter.
9. Go to and watch one of the featured videos that interests you.
10. Send an email to your parent or teacher to tell them you've finished

List 11

National Park Online Scavenger Hunt Questions
1. What is the most scenic drive in Glacier National Park? How many miles of hiking trails does the park have?
2. Where is Lassen Volcanic National Park? What Indian groups used to meet in the Lassen area?
3. There are 300 square miles of what mountain range in Shenandoah National Park? What state is this park located in?
4. Who built Acadia National Park's carriage road system? Where is Acadia National Park located?
5. What president signed the bill to establish the Cuyahoga Valley National Recreation Area? When? In what state is this park located?
6. What National Park is the largest subtropical wilderness in the United States and where is it located?
7. What is the highest peak in Rocky Mountain National Park and what is it's elevation? What are four examples of mammals found in this park?
8. What 8 hour hike in Zion National Park will take you to what is possibly the world's largest freestanding arch? What state is this park in?
9. On which island of Hawaii can you find Volcanoes National Park? How many acres does this park encompass?
10. What National Park includes the largest collection of peaks over 16,000 feet and the continent's greatest assemblage of glaciers? The second highest peak in the United States is located here. What is it?
National Park Scavenger Hunt Answers
1. The Going-to-the-Sun Road. Glacier National Park has over 700 miles of hiking trails.
2. Lassen Volcanic National Park is located in Northern California. Four American Indian groups: Atsugewi, Yana, Yahi and Maidu all met in the Lassen Area.
3. 300 square miles of the Blue Ridge Mountains are protected by Shenandoah National Park which is located in Virginia.
4. John D. Rockefeller Jr. built the carriage road system in Acadia National Park which is located in Maine.
5. President Gerald Ford signed the bill to establish Cuyahoga Valley National Recreation Area in December of 1974 while on a ski holiday. This National Recreation Area is located in Ohio.
6. The Everglades National Park in Florida.
7. Longs Peak at 14,259 feet. Mammals found in Rocky Mountain National Park include: beaver, bighorn sheep, black bear, coyote, elk, marmot, moose, mountain lion, mule deer, pika, snowshoe hare, squirrels and chipmunks.
8. The Kolob Arch Trail. Zion National Park is located in Utah.
9. Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is located on the Big Island of Hawaii and encompasses over 333,000 acres.
10. The Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve in Alaska. Mt. St. Elias is the second highest peak in the United States (18,008 feet).

Now that you've completed the hunt, are you interested in becoming a WebRanger? Solve puzzles and mysteries, play games and explore the world of the National Park System.

I hope these will give some activities and new ideas for things to do with kiddos. As always these can always be tailored to your family, daycare, friends, parties. Whatever the event may be, just have fun and be safe!