Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Yesterday while at work, Kris was talking politics with a co-worker. Kris is a VERY analytical person. Anything you say he wants to break down and analyze every part of it. (Sometimes VERY frustrating!)   This is his way of learning and understanding. Okay, so he and I have been in the same discussion before. At the last presidential election, I tried to look at both parties and vote for what I thought was the lesser of two evils. This is very hard to do. Both guys had things I did agree with and did not agree with. Again trying to choose the lesser of two evils. (This was also the first time I had ever voted for a president.) I am one who feels that if you don't vote then don't complain that we put the wrong person in the office. My husband brings up the points about every person running for office says they will change this or that and they stand for this or that. Who is to say they are not lying just to get the votes? Most of them don't end up changing what they are saying they will change. If they do, things will not be fixed in this country in 4 years. It's a big place. Things may get worse before they get better before great change is complete. At the end of the term, everyone says, "things are not fixed so let's elect someone else with a different approach." Again, the government tries to adhere to the new plan of action. Again, a change that will take much time to complete and work correctly and get a majority on board. Now, truely there will always be people in the country that will not agree or care and still do things there own way or illegal. YOU CAN'T CHANGE EVERYONE'S OPINIONS! That's a given. We can't exactly go back to when George Washington laid it all out for us and told us how it was. Times have changed. Some for the better and some for the worse. Obviously new technology is great. Internet, motorized vehicles, indoor plumbing, etc... There are some bad and some good in everything. Obviously all internet is not soo great. But I love that if I need to know something I have all of the knowlege in the world at my finger tips. Sure I can go to the library and the info I'm looking for may be there, but it may not. Also, internet is soo much faster, this leaving more time to learn more things or play with family, hang out with friends. Now, like I said I know there is bad out there. Internet bullying, child porn, identitiy theft, etc... This all been around the entire time just not on the net. People were bullied before, people stole identities before, people abused child privacy before. There will always be bad people in the world, and that will never change. I do believe that crimes should have stricter punishment. You abuse a child, you should be in jail longer than the person who was caught with weed. Yes weed is illegal and no I'm not for it. But, on the other hand more people get hurt from alocohol than weed. People don't die from smoking too much week. People don't get in the car and kill other drivers and passengers from too much weed. They do with alcohol. People who kill or shoot another person, obviously there are circumstances. Was it self defense, just plain hatred, jealously, trying to get in to that gang? But in my opinion, some people can change. Some people will never change. In self defense I can agree with that. Someone breaks into your house, you feel threatened for the safety of you and your family. By all means protect yourself. Shoot them in a place that won't kill them if possible. (I would freak out and shoot anywhere and keep shooting until I ran out of bullets if I felt that much harm.) Sone people don't think rationally in those circumstances. Either way, That person should not have been in your house or causing you harm. If they live, give them jail time, when they come out they have that chance to reform or go back to old ways. If you kill someone maliciously, the death penalty. I realize there are the very few circumstances where the accused is actually innocent. That I dont know what to say. But, there are too many people out there robbing and killing, malesting children and elders and they need stricter punishment. Hell yes the jails are filled. It seems people go to jail for a couple years, get probation, break laws again (usually the same law as the first time), go back to jail for a few more years, repeat over again. Hello!!! If you didn't learn the first time you will not learn the second, third, or fourth time either. Figure something else out! Dont keep stock piling in the jails! IT'S NOT WORKING! The whole wefare deal. I completely understand sometimes things work out for the bad. Companies close, downsize, people get hurt. Those people should get help. These people that keep having babies and raise them or afford them should be fixed! I don't go to work to pay for your food, house, clothing, kids. I have my own bills to pay. If you can't afford to work because daycare cost too much then don't have soo many kids. It kills me too see these families where the adults dont work but they have expensive cell phones, name brand clothing and nice cars. Sorry my husband and I work for our things. If you have all that stuff you are doing something to pay for them. It must not be a legal thing. Those people need checked out. If it's illegal drugs, guns, prostituting then punish them and find a way to make them pay. Pot, legalize it and tax the hell out of it! Welfare recievers need to have a drug test. Randomize those! We have to have drug tests to work for their welfare pay, then they should be tested to recieve it. Wow this little rant has probably gone on long enough for now. I am going to get off of here now and go take care of my child. Feed her, bath her and teach her. That is what parents need to be doing.